International summer school Kerkennah island in Tunisia

06.02.2020 -  

In the frame of the Germano-Tunisian, project titled "Promoting Engineering & Digital Technology for Physical and Mental Health: PDTH" offered and financed by the DAAD, an international summer school will be organized in Kerkennah island in Tunisia from the 7th to the 18th of September 2020. This summer school will cover the following topics: Augmented reality, Software engineering, Deep learning for health, Sensors for data acquisition, Athletic and health analytics, 3-D analysis of human movement and Digital transformation in healthcare. 15 potential participants (i.e., 7 Bachelor, 5 Master and 3 PhD students) from OvGU will be financed by the PDTH project to attend this event. For interested students please contact Prof. Anita Hoekelmann the PDTH project manager OR Dr. Achraf Ammar the coordinator of the project.


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